Mimebot: Sphere-shaped Mobile Robot Imitating Rotational Movement

Shuehi Tsuchida, Tatsuya Takemori,
Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto


We propose a mobile robot that can give the audience the optical illusion of the unique movements of a sphere by mounting a spherical light-emitting diode (LED) display on a high-agility wheeled robot. This paper examines a mobile robot in the shape of a ball that is used in theatrical performances and reveals that the movements that are difficult to implement with existing mechanisms can nonetheless be visualized through the use of light.

Mimebot: Sphere-shaped Mobile Robot Imitating Rotational Movement (MoMM2016 presentation tsuchida) from Shuhei Tsuchida

Japanese ver.


回転移動を模したテクスチャ表示機能をもつ球体型移動ロボット (インタラクション 2016) from Shuhei Tsuchida

人と球体自律走行ロボット群の協調パフォーマンスシステムの開発 (20160706 jst start presen tsuchida) from Shuhei Tsuchida

Exit20151212 from Shuhei Tsuchida


This is a performance that combines mime and Mimebots. Mimebots use illusory light effects to give the audience the impression that the sphere is rolling. As such, Mimebots can not only express realistic spherical movements, but also express motions that are inconsistent with the laws of physics, such as appear to roll uphill. Also, through the use of realistic spherical movements, Mimebots can create optical illusions using their surrounding environment. For example, by pretending to have crashed into a wall the sphere can express the existence of an invisible wall. In this manner, Mimebots express themselves much like human mime artists do.

Mime x Mimebots

  1. Performer
    1. Naoki Iimuro
  2. LED Display Ball
    1. Takemori Tatsuya
    2. Shuhei Tsuchida
  3. Spherical Robot
    1. Keita Tomochika
  4. Base Robot
    1. Tatsuya Takemori
  5. Software
    1. Shuhei Tsuchida
  6. Movies for LED Display Ball
    1. Yuma Ito
  7. Support
    1. Yukako Takeuchie
    2. Nur Wahida
    3. Taiga Tanaka
    4. Hiroto Shozude
  8. Special Thanks
    1. Chiaki Hayashi
    2. Takahiro Miyashita
    3. Tsutomu Terada
    4. Masahiko Tsukamoto
    5. Tsukamoto Terada Laboratory

Mime x Mimebots (30sec Digest ver.)

Mime x Mimebots (Multiple angle ver.)

Mime x Mimebots (Multiple angle, parralel ver.)

LED Display Ball Effects

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