Online Dance Lesson Support System Using Flipped Classroom

Shuhei Tsuchida, Daichi Shimizu, Kanako Shibasaki, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto


Contemporary online lessons that use web-conferencing systems suffer from several issues, mainly because instructors engage in the same type of instruction as they do in conventional offline lessons. For example, it might be difficult for learners to grasp three-dimensional movements. Teaching through a video displayed on a screen is also limited, as opposed to teaching through physical bodies and showing movements in person. In addition, it is difficult for the instructors to teach one person at a time during a lesson with many students. This study proposes an online dance lesson support system that enables instructors to remotely but effectively teach multiple learners. We initially focus on the framework of online dance lessons and subsequently propose a lesson style that applies to flipped classrooms. We aim to provide a new lesson style for on-demand lessons and real-time lessons using deep learning techniques.





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